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Pan London Children in Care Council - Cost of Living

We the children in care council decided to make an informative video on how the cost of living is affecting our care experienced young people and why we are campaigning for a Pan London offer across all 33 boroughs so young people have the same opportunity and entitlements no matter where they are in London.

We decided to focus on the main areas in which the cost of living is affecting young people the most. We found that transport, housing, education, training, unemployment, in addition to mental health are the main areas that are affecting young people.

In regard to transportation, we found the costs of living crisis has limited young people’s ability to move around, and impacted on their feelings of social isolation. Whether it be travelling for work or training, accessing resources such as health, housing or general leisure and arts or cultural activities. .

The 2-year pandemic had disheartened many care leavers, and limited young people’s social life and they are now dealing with the consequences of the cost of living crisis which has further impacted on their social anxiety, and increased young people’s motivation to go out, seek resources and have a social life.

We found instead young people were choosing between transport and food and having to prioritise and limit their access to resources.

TFL have agreed to 50% reduction to trams and buses however we feel we need 100% offer for all of our care experienced young people so they can plan for the future journey ahead without limitations and have access to resources to a brighter future

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