Our Team


Sharon Long



Sandra Vacciana

Improving Practice Lead



Matthew Walsham

Policy Lead


Rianne Williams

Communications Lead


Naomi Emmanuel

Youth Board Facilitator



Zoe Nation

Events Lead


Troy Norbert

Membership and Finance lead 


Sara Ahmed 

CICC Intern 


 Kelsea Sellars 



Our Trustees

Keith Bottomley

Chair of Trustees


With a 20 year senior career in London’s Financial Services Sector, I am now an elected Member of the City of London Corporation involved in a broad range of youth and education priorities. I am passionate about ensuring that young people have every opportunity to be the best that they possibly can.


We are very aware that this is a time of considerable change for young people and the youth sector. As Chair of the Board of Trustees my aim is clear – to support Partnership for Young London in its commitment to respond to, and provide leadership in support of the interests and wellbeing of all of London’s young people. 

Tom Mautner

Chair of Staffing and Resources Sub Group


Skills & Expertise

Tom has been a Governor and Chair of Governors at a primary school, a secondary school and, most recently at a very large Further Education college, all in London. Tom has also been Chair and CEO of a multi-million pound public company. Tom has also been a Magistrate for 15 years, sitting on the North London Bench, in both the adult and youth courts. Tom is now working for the London Youth Offending Service.


Specialist Focus at PYL

Chair of the Board of Trustees’ Staffing & Resources Committee.


Rational for being on the PYL board

A 35-year involvement in, and an ongoing commitment to all aspects of education and training in London.

Natasha Lloyd- Owen

Youth Engagement Lead

Skills & Expertise 

Barrister specialising in criminal defence. Lecturer and trained community mediator.


Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London 

Advocacy, campaigning


Rational for being on the PYL Board 

I sit on the Board as the lead councillor for Young People on the City of London Corporation’s Children and Community Services committee. Partnership for Young London is an organisation that works with young people as well as for them. It’s a collaboration; and I feel very lucky to get to play a small part within it.

Chris Murray

Skills & Expertise 

CEO of place based Play and Youth Charity in Brent. Lecturer in Systemic leadership, Cultural Competency and Intercultural Dialogue


Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London 

Advocacy, campaigning


Rational for being on the PYL Board 

I sit on the Board as voice of children and young people across Europe. This experience and knowledge enables me to play a pivotal role in support of the Partnership for Young London. I feel very lucky to be holding the baton for the next generation.

Chris Heaume

Research Lead

Skills & Expertise 

 Face to face youth worker and strategic/operational manager of youth services in London from 1975 to 2015. 


Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London

Lead on policy and resources, member of finance and staffing committee, a founder Trustee 


 Rational for being on the PYL board

Services for young people are an essential and highly valuable part of the London infrastructure, yet are often pushed to the side. PYL is essential as their voice, their advocate and their support agency

Jade Paul

Skills & Expertise   

Marketing professional with experience in charity, further education, housing and local government     


Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London

Communications, digital marketing and campaigns


Rational for being on the PYL board

With a passion for providing opportunities for all young people, I sit on the PYL Board to support and be an advocate for youth services in London and across the UK. PYL is an excellent organisation that has young people at the heart of everything they do. I therefore feel honoured to serve as a Trustee and play a part in improving opportunities for young people by supporting and making youth services the best they can be.

Anna Lakshmi Sabapathy

Skills & Expertise 

Experienced Head of HR working in Financial Services, Broadcasting and Charities with specialisms in Employee Relations and Restructuring.


 Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London

Best practice in employment and empowering young people in knowing their employment rights.

 Rational for being on the PYL board

Passionate about assisting Partnership for Young London in enabling and empowering young people in the workplace. Being on the PYL Board is a privilege and an honour to be given the opportunity to influence the agenda for young people in London.

Fenella Boyle


Skills & Expertise 

16 years of experience in the Investment Management and Financial Services industries, specialising in financial analysis, strategy and valuation. Recently awarded an MBA from London Business School.


 Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London

Vice-chair and member of the finance and resourcing sub-committee. 

GDPR lead.

 Rational for being on the PYL board

To help further the interests of young people in London, who represent the future of our city.  Partnership for Young London is a fantastic organisation that advocates for young people and helps work towards better youth policies and outcomes.

Raymond Austin 

Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Skills & Expertise

 Experienced Head of Service working in Housing, Children’s Services with specialism in children and young people, Music & Media, Commissioning and Safeguarding.


Specialist focus at Partnership for Young London

 Best practice in service delivery to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds including safeguarding.

 Rational for being on the PYL board

 For the city to continue to prosper it needs to nurture the new talent and cast a net far and wide from diverse backgrounds. PYL can be the shining light in ensuring that all young people have access to the best possible opportunities to reach their full potential.

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Partnership for Young London believes that all young people should have access to high quality experience of work. We fully support the ideals of the London Ambitions programme ‘shaping a successful careers offer for all young Londoners’  and aim to offer opportunities to a range of people to develop their skills.


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