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Pan London Children In Care Council

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The London CiCC is sponsored by ALDCS (Association for London Directors of Children’s Services) with the following key aims:

• To improve the care experience for looked-after children & young people and care leavers across London;
• To improve opportun
ities to identify common themes and issues across London;
• To enable opportunities to influence policy and services affecting looked after children & young people and care leavers in London;
• To improve young people’s skills and confidence through participation.

Programme of work

Activities – The following activities are proposals and guidelines to future developments based on existing work and suggestions from the young people we work with, as well as recent developments.
1.    Outreach to CICCs –  
We want to sustain wider engagement and ensure that projects reflect what a diverse group of young people across boroughs want. Contact will be made across boroughs to create a wider framework of influence, like, through our Pan London CiCC Newsletter. After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we aim to make visits across boroughs too.
2.    Regional events – 
With the aim of influencing policy to benefit care experienced young people, we will meet with CiCC representatives four times a year to work on identified areas, supported by a youth advisory board. Our latest pan London meeting was in partnership with the EY Foundation, focusing on higher education and mental health. We will continue to host and attend events aimed at bettering the experience of children in care.
3.    Research – 
Youth led research will be used to highlight the views and experiences of young people, while participants learn transferable skills. Themes for research and projects will be identified with the young people, like the success stories project, headed by a member of the advisory board.
4.    Training and development – 
The CiCC meetings and outreach will allow us to present development and training opportunities, as identified by young people. We will partner with organisations like Speakers Trust and Media trust who will provide public speaking and media training. Young people asked for Mental Health first aid training and we will be partnering with the NHS to do this after the lock-down.
5.    Regional Influence – in line with the key areas of priority identified with the young people we will establish a number of links where young people can help shape regional priorities i.e. Healthy London Partnership, London Funders and also the Youth-Led Hustings for the Mayoral Elections. 

•    Increased engagement across London of young people in care and care leavers in regional decision making 
•    Increased skills and confidence of young people in care and care leavers in influencing regional priorities
•    Increased collaboration across London around the addressing needs of young people in care and care leavers 
•    Youth-led research creating a higher profile of key issues being faced by young people in care and care leavers 

Outputs (annual) 
•    4 regional CICC meetings with over 150 young people 
•    6 youth advisory board meetings with up to 30 young people 
•    4 training sessions for the Pan London CICC members with 80 young people 
•    1 youth-led research project facilitated with 50 young people 
•    3 roundtable meetings with policy leads 



Partnership for Young London: Reflecting on a Year of Achievements for Care Leavers 
















As we conclude 2023, Partnership for Young London is thrilled to reflect on a year filled with incredible achievements, all dedicated to making London the best city for care leavers in the UK. Let's explore the remarkable highlights that have shaped the past twelve months: 


1. Transportation and Healthcare Accessibility Milestones 

In a landmark achievement, care leavers now benefit from a 50% discount on trams and buses, ensuring affordable and accessible transportation. Additionally, free prescriptions have been secured, removing barriers to healthcare and fostering a healthier community. 


2. City Dinner: Amplifying Voices, Celebrating Achievements 

Our City Children in Care Council (CICC) took centre stage at a memorable City Dinner. In the company of governors and professionals, our CICC representatives eloquently spoke on the PAN LONDON offer, showcasing the outstanding achievements of our care leavers. This event not only celebrated resilience but also strengthened connections within our community. 


3. Strategic Collaboration with Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney 

Throughout 2023, discussions with Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney have been pivotal. These engagements focus on our mission to make London the best city for care leavers, shaping policies and initiatives that directly address the unique needs of our community. 


4. Celebration of Shining Stars: Honouring Our Care Leavers 

An unforgettable event gathered us to celebrate our care leavers at the "Celebration of Shining Stars." This evening was filled with joy and appreciation as we recognized the accomplishments and resilience of our care leavers. 


5. PAN London Offer: Standardizing Support Across Boroughs 

Our collaboration with the NHS, public and private sectors, and other professionals has borne fruit. Throughout the year, we've actively worked towards a PAN London offer, aiming to standardize support across all boroughs. This includes comprehensive provisions for Education, Training, and Employment (ETE), housing, transport, health, mentoring, financial offers, and data, ensuring consistent and equitable opportunities for all care leavers. 


6. Mayor's Commitment to Care Leavers: Reducing Travel Costs for Access to Opportunities 

Our involvement in the Pan-London Care Leavers Compact has been a consistent effort throughout the year. Collaborating with partners from ALDCS, LLIA, and the Mayor's office, we actively designed an offer connecting young care leavers with local authorities. This commitment reflects the Mayor's dedication to improving access to education, employment, and training opportunities for care leavers. 


7. Advocacy for Protected Character Status: Empowering Care Leavers 

2023 witnessed a significant step forward in our advocacy efforts. Throughout the year, we collaborated with boroughs, actively advocating for care leavers to become a protected character. This initiative is a crucial stride towards recognizing and safeguarding the rights and well-being of care leavers, ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they rightfully deserve. 


8. Annual Trauma-Informed Board: Collaborating with Family Court Judges 

Our commitment to a trauma-informed approach gained momentum throughout the year as we engaged with family court judges. Discussions focused on making informed decisions that consider the effects on care leavers. Looking ahead, we aim to establish an annual board led by young people, working alongside care leavers to ensure our efforts are impactful and meaningful. 


9. Governance Compact Group: Strengthening Leadership for Care Leavers 

Active involvement in the Governance Compact Group throughout 2023 focused on collaborative efforts to strengthen leadership structures for care leavers. This ongoing effort ensures that governance structures align with the needs and aspirations of our care leaver community, fostering an inclusive and empowering environment. 


10. Voter ID Initiative: Engaging Care Leavers in the Democratic Process 

Recognizing the importance of civic participation, we launched a Voter ID initiative throughout the year. This initiative aims to encourage care leavers to get registered to vote, understanding and addressing barriers to ensure their voices are heard in the democratic process. 


11. UCL Event: Sharing Services and Support for Care Leavers 

Our collaboration extended to a meaningful event at the University College London (UCL). Throughout the year, we shared services and support available for care leavers, fostering a network of resources to empower our community. The event was a testament to the strength of partnerships and our collective commitment to enhancing the lives of care leavers. 


12. Skills for Life Residential: Nurturing Growth and Development 

One of the exciting announcements for the upcoming year is the Skills for Life Residential, scheduled for March. This transformative experience is designed to provide care leavers with an immersive program focused on honing essential life skills, fostering personal growth, and creating a supportive community. The event offers a unique opportunity for care leavers to engage in skill-building activities and connect with peers in a positive and empowering environment. 

As we look back on these accomplishments, we are filled with gratitude for the unwavering support of our care leaver community. The journey to make London the best place for care leavers is ongoing, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that the coming year will bring.  


Past Resources 

care experienced data from Mapping Young London report

An update from the care leavers covenant attached with opportunities for young people.

CICC Graphic Harvest images:

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The words in these collages were hard to say and the reality of what they represent even harder to live with.


Each piece represents key findings from the first year of research on Authoring Our Own Stories. Change is happening but the speed is glacial. What else can the sector do to accelerate the pace of racial equality?

We used a video format to report back on how we developed our research project in London, what we found out and what we think should happen next!

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