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Digital Health Ambassadors



The Digital Health Ambassador programme wants young people aged 16-25, who are willing to work closely with expert organisations like Good Thinking to give young people a voice and shaping research and policy at a local and national level.

We’ve set this up so you can influence digital health products and initiatives and help promote young people’s mental wellbeing.

You’ve got our backing and our role is to assist and up-skill you so that key decision-makers listen when you speak!

Click here to download the application form. Email completed forms to

Programme of work


​What will we be doing?

  • Be part of a monthly advisory board to identify discuss key aspects of mental health support for young people.

  • Design and review campaigns and content using the media that young people will take notice of.

  • Taking part in focus groups and roundtables with wider networks to have conversations about digital health products and initiatives so that young people are at the core of the way health services for young Londoners are shaped.

Here’s how we’ll support you?

All Digital Health Ambassadors will develop new digital and research skills and make recommendations to the health leads on how they can further enhance the resources it offers young people.

Training sessions will be held in the following areas:

  • Public Speaking

  • Content creation

  • Research

  •  CV building

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

Publications and Resources

Contact Us


Shelby Davies


Good Thinking Participation & Development Officer

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