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Young Londoners Research Network

"Young Londoners are facing huge challenges in their everyday lives - from the cost of housing, to a lack of mental health services, to pollution. In these times, it is essential that we provide robust evidence to provide more effective youth services and better public policy. By working together, the youth sector and universities have the potential to make a real difference, by researching together with young people to develop sustainable long-term solutions for a fairer, safer, more inclusive, and more prosperous London."


Professor James Sloam PhD
Department of Politics & International Relations

Royal Holloway (University of London)


As part of the Young Londoners Coalition, a pan London cross sector alliance of youth sector leads, we have been working with Royal Holloway University to establish a Young Londoners Research Network. This aims to build more effective collaboration and partnerships with Universities around research and practice.


This network will be key forum to share research, build skills and develop partnerships on identified areas to develop and influence policy and practice.


This is part of a regional commitment to drive up the focus on young people’s needs across London, create sustainable partnerships across the region and build the skills of organisations working with, and, for young people

Programme of work

The network meetings on a bi-monthly basis and we have identified four areas of work that we want to develop:

  1. Young Londoners Research Network - Data Hub: To manage requests for the analysis of data from charities and other groups seeking university support, establishing a list of experts with areas of expertise (subject, experience and methods) who are interested in supporting the youth sector.

  2. Young Londoners Research Network – Research Partners: To create an online space for academics and charities, to collaborate on projects i.e. youth sector charities looking for academics to work with them on projects from the outset and  academics to find impact partners. 

  3. Young Londoners Research Network – Student Placements: To create a space where opportunities for student placements and paid internships can be shared with youth sector colleagues.

  4. Young Londoners Research Network – Thematic Research: to work collaboratively to identify where there is a need for research, and potential funding bids, building on the themes identified by the Mapping Young London report.

  5.  Young Londoners Research Network – Youth Engagement: To investigate a standing panel of young people who can help in co-design of all the projects, acting as the 'advisory board' of the Network. 

  6. Young Londoners Research Network - Research Showcase and Impact: Showcasing research work to the media, influence and engage policymakers, and practitioners.

Contact Us


Sharon Long



Professor James Sloam

Department of Politics and International Relations Royal Holloway (University of London)


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