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We are the Youth of Today - Life in London for Generation Z

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

“West Side Stories” from Curating London’s Collecting Ends project for Young Londoners. Director: Prime Isaac. Photographer: Rajaa Bouchab. © Museum of London

Partnership for Young London, London’s regional youth unit were commissioned by the Museum of London to conduct a survey in the summer of 2020 to find out how Young Londoner’s feel about their lives and their city.

It was responded to by over 3,000 young people aged between 16 – 24 years and found a diversity in opinions. This research reflects London’s diversity; with the issues young Londoners care most about, or how they engage or feel about their city, changing depending on their ethnicity, gender, or which part of London they were from.

The report is broken into four key sections:

  • Part 1: Issues for Young Londoners

  • Part 2: Identity and space

  • Part 3: Using London’s spaces

  • Part 4: Changing London

For more information, please contact Matthew Walsham at


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