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Case study - Haringey Youth Advisory Board

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Title of the project: Improving youth services for young people dealing with stress in Haringey

About you - a short description of your organisation and the team

Haringey Youth Advisory Board works as a paid youth consultancy enhancing the voice of young people in Haringey. We find, train, hire, support, shape and commission young people age 15 to 25 years old to work on socially impactful projects. We ensure we are involved throughout conceptualising, approach design, researching options, and influencing policy that impact funding activities, and service delivery in Haringey. We believe every young person, at all stages, should have a platform to make a positive contribution to their local community. Since starting in 2020, we have empowered over 25 young leaders through our programme, fulfilling 25 commissioned projects in areas like public health, policy and regeneration, and during this time engaged over 900 young people.

The programme is led by our young directors Olivia and Jayden who are supported by Josephine, Anhelina, Rochelle and Elton, all members of the Youth Advisory Board. Every project is an opportunity to build skills and expand member’s leadership capacity which enhances career opportunities. The team is being enabled by the Haringey Community Gold Programme that benefited from the Mayors Young Londoners Fund until December 2021.

Research Brief

What are you aiming to do and why?

We want to find out what causes stress among young people in Haringey and what they do to help coping with it. Based on personal experiences and conversations with young people, we found that many young people have difficulty dealing with stress. Our aim is to find out how to improve services to support these young people.

Who are you targeting the work at?

Young people aged 16-18 in the London borough of Haringey

What are you trying to influence?

The design of spaces for youth people, to ensure design and workforce offer respite to stress factors

Contact details – who should people contact

Eduardo Araujo (


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