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Case Study - Haringey Community Gold

Title of the project: How can we support young people from ethnic minorities in Haringey to navigate life more confidently?

About you:

The Haringey Youth Advisory Board is a youth consultancy + opportunities platform based in Haringey. We find, hire, shape and commission young people age 15 to 25 years old to work on socially impactful projects that encourage young people to get involved with designing, delivering and distributing policies, funding, and services in their local community. We believe every young person, at all stages, should have a platform to make a positive contribution to their local community. Since starting in 2020, we’ve have 25 young leaders go through our programme, work on 22 commissioned projects in areas like public health, policy and regeneration, and engage over 600 young people in the process.

The youth research team includes Olivia, Jayden, Mohammed, Katherine and Angela, who are members of the Youth Advisory Board and some of whom have taken directors roles in the company. The members are also currently working on projects to expand career mentoring for young people and launch a new youth centre. The youth team is being supported by Damian Zabielski, a specialist detached outreach worker with Haringey Community Gold who brings experience in Youth Participatory Research and Youth Engagement.

Research Brief

What are you aiming to do and why?

The Haringey YAB team would like to speak with 100’s of young people from ethnic minorities in Haringey and organisations supporting them to discover what types of services do young people from ethnic minorities want/need to in the area to support their mental wellbeing?

Who are you targeting the work at?

We’re targeting young people age 15 to 25 years old from ethnic minorities in Haringey.

What are you trying to influence?

The youth team would like to shape a new offer for mental health services for young people from ethnic minorities and help young people influence the services funding gets invested into which will actually help. The youth team also want to influence more commissioned research projects for young researchers to create more opportunities for young people to collaborate with their communities on the challenges they face.

Contact details – who should people contact

Jayden Boyce - Jayden.Boyce@haringey.gov.uk