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Case Study - Chickenshed Theatre

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Title of the project

Barriers to engagement with youth activities for young people in SEMH schools.

About you - a short description of your organisation and the team

Chickenshed’s mission is to empower children, young people and adults to define and seek solutions to their individual and social challenges through the creation of outstanding theatre. We currently deliver: a participation programme for 650 children and young people, full time Further and Higher Education programmes for 150 students, an outreach programme that engages 10,000 young people each year, and a lived experience-led Diversity, Inclusion and Access training programme. We also operate as a theatre, welcoming 45,000 audience members each year.

The Young Researchers team is made up of Cara, Kyra, Demar, Jimmy and Ronai, who are all alumnus of Chickenshed's inclusive education programmes, and are now education mentors and practitioners delivering our outreach programmes in schools and community settings. The team are supported in their research by Louise Perry, Chickenshed's Managing Director, who brings experience in Participatory Action Research and Youth-led approaches to organisational development.

Research Brief

What are you aiming to do and why

Chickenshed's young researchers have been going into SEMH schools to speak to young people in order to see what the barriers are to them accessing youth activities.

Who are you targeting the work at

Young people who are currently attending SEMH schools and are not currently engaging in youth activities.

What are you trying to influence

The team would like to discover, through a youth-led approach, what would get these young people more engaged and involved in joining youth activities. This can then influence the planning of future youth activities.

Contact details – who should people contact


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