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Pan London CiCC Meeting - Friday 21 February

Updated: Mar 12

Our aim is to use the voice of care experienced young people to advocate for them and help make necessary changes. Following on from the advisory meeting with Andrew Carter, the lead for care experienced young people, it was made clear that Pan London CiCC should be asking more from the government with regards to TFL, education, work, funding and health. We took all of this into consideration for the CiCC EY Foundation event.

EY Foundation are introducing a 2 year tailored employability pilot programme supporting care experienced young people (16-17) in transitioning successfully. To find out more about this and many other opportunities offered by the EY Foundation, click here.

At this event, we met with Ian Lewis from NHS London, who spoke about increased representation of care experienced young people in the NHS click here to see the mentimeter results ( or scroll to the bottom of this page). When asked what improvements need to be made to the service, young people expressed the need for more access to information and more availability. Deputy Director for The National Lottery Community Fund also attended, speaking about his role of allocating grants for different community causes, including that of the care experienced. Young people and participation officers at the event were encouraged to present any proposals for funding that would directly benefit care experienced young people. If you have any ideas you would like us to pass on, contact Zoe.Nation@cityoflondon.gov.uk.

The feedback from the young people who attended this event will be used to encourage changes to the services provided to care experienced young people. What they tell us will also help to continuously shape and improve future CiCC events.

Event Feedback: enjoyed interactive aspects such as the mentimeter website, networking with employees and other young people in care, care experienced role models, public speaking workshop- opportunities for growth. BUT needed more food, more creative activities- art related.


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