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My experience at the London Policy Network Meeting.

Nathan Singleton from Lifeline Projects speaking at the meeting.

My name is Ibrahim Olomide, I am 18 years old from South London and my aspirations is I want to become a Lawyer. I am currently doing work experience for Partnership for Young London.

How did you find out about the London Policy Network?

I was invited via email from the Events lead at Partnership for Young London, Zoe Nation but the information is also on the Partnership for Young London website.

What sort of people did you meet at the Policy Network meeting?

I meet lots of organisations from the youth work sector, charity, voluntary and community. I spoke to people from the NSPCC, Ignite trust and Lifeline Projects and the Governmental Departments.

What sort of points/facts have you learn about during the meeting?

We discussed a range of topics liking the young people in London such how to start initiatives to reduce crime and safeguarding courses. I also learnt about how some organisations tried to involve young people in decision-making as much as possible and how long-term mentoring can really help to find long resolutions.

What would you like to see next Policy Network meeting?

I would like to see more speakers from other sectors such as the financial and legal sectors so we can learn more about careers. And updates on work experiences opportunities from different fields for young people to get involved.

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