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Levelling Up White Paper and Young Londoners

Levelling Up White Paper and Young Londoners

We are writing to you as the voice of London’s youth sector. We form part of a wider alliance which is the Young Londoners Coalition, a network of infrastructure voices in the statutory and voluntary youth sector. Out work involves collaborating at a pan-London level to improve the lives of young people at the heart of the Government’s levelling up agenda, particularly to mitigate the legacy of Covid-19.

Our Coalition works across housing, local and regional government, voluntary and community sector and funders to support the workforce to meet the needs of young people. We are keenly aware that many of London’s communities share the same challenges as those in other towns and cities across the UK with some of the highest levels of deprivation in the country. These challenges range from low incomes, insecure work, fewer skill and qualifications and other barriers to employment such as caring responsibilities or health conditions.

We have been cautioning national policy makers not to level-down London in tackling the many regional inequalities present in the UK.

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Levelling Up White Paper and Young Londoners
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