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A Vision for Young Londoners to 2025

A Vision for Young Londoners is a vision statement that involves a cross-sector alliance of over 50 organisations, setting out a unified strategy and set of values to help deliver a brighter future for London’s young people.

Supporting organisations include funders, local authorities, youth work practitioners, play providers, formal education providers, arts and sports organisations, the wider voluntary sector, housing providers, and councillors. The Vision was developed with their input, and is part of the dialogue between policy makers and providers across the capital.

The Vision is a commitment to the young people that we work with, and work for, and to the shared values of:

  • Putting young people at the centre of all we do.

  • Committing to meaningful and sustained collaboration.

  • Being positive and aspirational for young Londoners.

  • To be guided by the imperative of enabling young people.

The Vision for Young Londoners is proudly supported by 82 organisations across the capital, from local authorities, housing providers, formal education providers, the voluntary sector, arts and sports organisations, and play providers.


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