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Involving Young Londoners: A toolkit for peer research

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Partnership for Young London and the Greater London Authority have collaborated on a toolkit for youth sector organisations looking to involve young people in research design and delivery.

This toolkit brings together learning from various peer research projects with young people into one place. As more organisations decide to involve young people in the design and delivery of research, that goes on to inform decisions that impact their lives, we hope this toolkit can support that work.

Click here to download the full report.

The toolkit looks at:

  1. Introduction to peer research - What is peer research, and why should organisations involve young people in research?

  2. Recruitment & remunerations - How do we recruit young people for a peer research project, and how do we remunerate them for their time?

  3. Decision making & training - How do we involve young people in decision making, setting the aims of the research, and what training do they need?

  4. Deciding on methodology - How can young people make a decision about the methods they want to use to conduct the research?

  5. Fieldwork & delivery - How can we conduct a peer research project, and support young people in the field?

Co-producing analysis - How can we co-produce analysis and key findings with young people?

  1. Communicating findings - How do we communicate the findings from a peer research project?

In our previous work, Involving Young Londoners: A review of participatory approaches in the youth sector, we looked at how organisations were starting to do peer-led research. This toolkit builds on that work, attempting to provide a simple guide that takes organisations through a peer research process, from recruitment of young people to co-producing analysis.

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