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Why did you want to join the Digital Health Ambassadors Programme?

I believe that looking after your health is so vital, you only get one body, so you must look after it! I think that digital health initiatives are so cool and important because it is creating a bridge between young people and the health services that are available which it makes it more accessible and easier for young people to find out information and get access to help. Everything is becoming more digitised nowadays so it’s important that services that want to engage with young people are using digital platforms.

What have you been up to?

Well… I’ve been privileged to join as an intern and help on the Digital Health Ambassadors Programme with Partnership for Young London. The Digital Health Ambassadors programme is an initiative funded by Healthy London Partnership. I attended the launch event which was hosted in Soapbox which is a cool youth centre in Old Street. The launch was a day filled with interactive workshops and learning. Louise from the YP Collective facilitated with Troy from PYL. On the day I learned about how to be innovative when designing an app and it was a way of thinking that could be useful when aiming to solve any problems in general.

Now that I’m working with PYL it has been interesting to see how much work goes in behind the scenes before hosting an event. I’m learning a lot about the importance of clear communication and being responsible for delivering an outcome that you’ve agreed to deliver. The team here at PYL are all welcoming the strangest thing I’ve encountered must be Troy’s breakfast off Scrambled Eggs with nuts :S - there’s dispute about whether he’s the culprit of a forgotten about chicken with blueberries – another weird meal combination lol.

I’m excited to be involved in a project that is going to empower young people and give them an opportunity to shape a cool platform like NHS Go App which I encourage all young people to download.

What’s happening next?

Digital strategy experts Fresh Egg and Soho Strategy will be coming in to facilitate workshops with our core group of Digital Health Ambassadors, to give them training and insights into things such as social media, digital marketing and user experience. I’m really looking forward to this as the first session we had with YP Collective was incredible which was about design thinking, I learned so much because it was engaging but also knew ways of thinking which I had never come across before. So, I’m sure all the training to come will be just as impressive!

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