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COVID - 19 Update

We are all aware of the rise of C-19 infections in the UK and the impact that will have on families, friends, the way we live our lives and on the groups we support. As things progress, we will keep you posted on any specific updates that are relevant for the youth sector and young people.

At Partnership for Young London, we are aiming to be continue our services and like many others will transfer activities to being online and virtual. The staff are fully equipped to work from home and we will continue to offer services to the youth sector in line with the needs and demands, given the nature and changeable circumstances we are facing we will adapt our services and aim to be responsive to the feedback from the youth sector,

The main office at the City of London will be closed but all staff will be accessing emails and calls, and we will cancel all face to face meetings until further notice. However, we are very aware that certain meetings, task and finish groups and training sessions can be held virtually and we will sending out publicity and invitations in the next week. For more details of future meetings or training sessions over the next few months please check the email update and also the events pages.

For key guidance please check the following websites as we are sure you are.

We are very aware of the effect that the virus could have on families, friends, the way we live our lives and on the young people we support. And also the impact on your organisation’s ability to operate due to government announcements, the closure of schools, travel restrictions and jobs. We aim to stay in touch and support in any way we can.

Sharon Long Strategic Director Partnership for Young London

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