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Young Londoners get creative to stop the spread of COVID-19

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives this year and we have all had to change the way we live.

With London’s COVID-19 rates increasing, London Youth and Partnership for Young London have come together to launch a creative campaign by young people to raise awareness of the current rules. Evidence has shown that young people are as diligent about COVID measures as older people, but we know that government guidance hasn’t resonated with them.

We want to change this, and we are delighted to have received so many creative submissions from young Londoners. All entries were judged by young people and we are pleased to share with you the winning entry as well as our three runners up.

Congratulations to our joint winners, Hannah and Jaykoda, and to our runners up, Keshav, Abi and Tyra!

Get involved and share the campaign

This campaign has been created by young people for young people, so we’re asking you to share with the young people in your network.

You can download the files here – please feel free to print them out or share them on social media to spread the campaign far and wide.

First place: Hannah and Jaykoda

“COVID-19 has affected everyone in such different ways but for me it’s been even more important to stay safe as those in my household were high risk. Creating a poster with my views on how to stay safe was a pleasure and I couldn’t be happier knowing that others will follow in my footsteps.” – Hannah

“It is a privilege to contribute to making something that will create change and show that young people do care about what’s going on in the world. Thank you all for this opportunity.” – Jaykoda

Second place: Keshav

Joint third place: Tyra

Joint third place: Abi

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