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Work experience at Partnership for Young London.

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Partnership for Young London is a charity that brings organisations, local and regional government, and young people together. Partnership for Young London believes in a future where every young person’s right to wellbeing is recognised and fulfilled. With young people making up a quarter of London’s population, we have to respect that they are crucial to its future.

Over the past five days of doing work experience with Partnerships for Young London, I was given a number of tasks to complete.

One of tasks involved using Tweet-Deck to share information and details on upcoming events that may be an interested to young people in London. I used Mailchimp as my main source to gather useful information. Another task that I completed was putting data into an Excel spreadsheet. I used data such as names, email and web links. For example, I created a database for an employee from Partnership of Young London. I was given a list of names, organisations and emails which had to be placed into a database so that Partnership for Young London could easily contact them.

During my week of work experience, I have learnt how to use specialised programs such as Tweet-Deck and Excel, I have become more familiar with admin based roles and tasks and I have also become more confident in the working environment. However, I believe I still need to improve on a few of my skills such as being able to find and present important relevant data, strategic planning and time management.

by Mary Mcgovern

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