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About Us

Our Mission

Connect - We’re connecting everyone who cares about young people in London – bringing together organisations, local and regional government, and young people themselves.


Develop - We’re developing and sharing knowledge and skills – equipping others to help young people in London access the support they need.


Influence - We’re influencing policy and practice – generating the new ideas that will help young Londoners thrive

Our Mission

Our Vision

Partnership for Young London believes in a future where every young person’s right to wellbeing is recognised and fulfilled. With young people making up a quarter of London’s population, we have to respect that they are crucial to its future

What we do

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“Creating partnerships, building futures”


Young people make up 25% of London’s population but are 100% crucial to its future. Yet they face one of the most challenging economic settings of a generation, with so many of London’s young population still struggling to access the services they need and the right opportunities to build happy and successful futures.

Despite these challenges, young people possess the strengths they need to thrive. Partnership for Young London believes in a future where every young person’s right to well being is recognised, where their strengths are celebrated, and their potential is fulfilled. We’re determined to make sure that this becomes a reality; and we know we aren’t alone in our vision.

That’s why we provide a cross-sector platform, drawing together public and private organisations, as well as the voluntary sector, social enterprises, and local, regional and national government, as partners in the same vision. 

Since Partnership for Young London began in 2005, our work has centered around three key goals:

  • We're connecting everyone who cares about young people in London

Our approach is a collaborative one, underpinned by the belief that a united voice shouts louder than individual ones.  Through our platform, we bring together a diverse network of over 400 organisations, all working to achieve a real impact to young peoples’ lives in London.

  • We're developing and sharing our knowledge and skills

We have built up a unique understanding of what works best for young people – from how to engage with them successfully to which services are most important for them to access. We continually develop and share our sector knowledge and expertise across our network and beyond, to better equip others to help young people access the opportunities and services they need to succeed.  

  • We're influencing policy

Partnership for Young London is recognised as an independent thought leader, constantly striving to generate new ideas that will help young people in London thrive.  Our strong links with local, regional and national government enable us to influence youth policy at a top level, so that we can raise awareness of key challenges and promote young people’s rights in order to bring about long-term change.

By connecting, developing and influencing, we’re laying deep foundations on which to build happy and thriving futures for young people. But a united voice is our strongest tool. It is only through working together collectively that we will be able to make a lasting difference.

Partnership for Young London – together, we can build a successful future for young people in London.



Partnership for Young London was convened in 2005 from the education charity Fellors/Fourteen plus (established in 1997).


London was, in 2005, one of the few regions without a Regional Youth Unit. A group with representation from London Councils, Greater London Authority, Government Office for London, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations in London was gathered together in order to establish Partnership for Young London.

The charity has been hosted by the City of London Corporation as an independent charity since its inception in 2005. It has continued to have a cross-sector representation role,  with local authorities, voluntary and community and social enterprise, private sector and individuals in its membership. Its central role in the early days was to examine and lead the potential impact of the (then) impending Youth Matters consultation, with all the policy initiatives that would follow in London.

Key projects and initiatives the charity has worked on in the past include seminars, events, conferences consultations which have covered a wide range of thematic topics: Youth Matters, Youth Opportunity and Capital Funds, Positive for Youth, Heritage Lottery Fund, Big Lottery Fund and work with national charities.

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