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K's Word

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kyra, I'm 19 and I live in Lewisham. During this week of lockdown, I have been seeing the all of the different content on the many platforms. Social media sites have been the busiest now than they’ve ever been. At the moment people are talking a lot about COVID-19 and there's a lot of negativity around having to stay at home. For people who suffer from mental health, including myself, staying at home can cause many things such as:

● Overthinking

● Anxiety

● Depression

● Lack of appetite

● Stress

● Low moods

People have been coming together to spread awareness via social media posts, memes and accounts all about COVID-19. I am frequently seeing posts which offer different outlets of support such as, apps, things to do and services you can use if you need someone to talk to.

Tik Tok has been taking the world by storm and is one of the main outlets which is helping to spread positive vibes. People are posting videos of dances to help spread this positivity, even some of our most famous celebrities have joined and are taking part.

Instagram is full of memes showcasing all the positive things about staying home, a trending hashtag is #StayingHomeSavesLives. Some other things that have been going around are home workout videos, cooking ideas and how to be creative on a budget or with the things you already have at home.

Each week I will be addressing different topics and will include useful hacks help you to:

● Stay active

● Be creative

● How to spread positive awareness

Many people are going through their own struggles without COVID-19 so its especially important during this time to focus on mental health. A lot of people don't talk about this openly, but it is still vital that you look after yourselves and your well-being.

I’m going to end this blog with a video of people on my street clapping for the NHS in support of the #ClapForTheNHS #clapforourcarers


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