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“Free transport means everything to me”

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

“Free transport means everything to me”: Understanding the impact of the suspension of

free travel on under-18s

The removal of free travel will have an impact on how young Londoners access education, opportunities, culture, and society. However, certain groups will be hit harder than others.

This report is the result of speaking to over 2000 young Londoners aged 16 to 18 and explores their views on the suspension of free travel for under-18s.

We wanted to know what free travel meant to them, and the impact it will have on how they get to school, their families, and how they access the places and opportunities London has to offer. We found that over 95% of those surveyed were against the suspension of free travel and that, for many, it is a lifeline to them and their families.


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