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Partnership for Young London - Year One Resources

The words in these collages were hard to say and the reality of what they represent even harder to live with.

Each piece represents key findings from the first year of research on Authoring Our Own Stories. Change is happening but the speed is glacial. What else can the sector do to accelerate the pace of racial equality?

Title: ‘Gifted’


Despite the challenges young Black and Asian people recognise their own self-worth

Title: ‘Stuck’


The stereotypes feel relentless, and it is not always safe to challenge them.

Title: ‘Secure’


Black and Asian people spoke up for each other and learnt from each other, which made participants feel seen.

Title: ‘Outsider’


Labels alienate young Black women and leave them feeling like outsiders in places and spaces in South East London.

Title: ‘Misunderstood’


Misrepresentation often leads to feeling misunderstood.

Title: ‘Suppression’


Black and Asian professionals need braver spaces to discuss the impact of having a racialised identity

We used a video format to report back on how we developed our research project in London, what we found out and what we think should happen next!


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