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TikTok has partnered with Partnership for Young London and Healthy London Partnership's Good Thinking service to run a bi-weekly listening project with young people aged 14-24 in London to better understand their experience of Covid-19. The young people are part of the Digital Health Ambassador programme set up jointly by Healthy London Partnership and Partnership for Young London.

Ambassadors are invited to answer a questionnaire developed by PYL and HLP, which was developed using the ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) model to encourage mindful, guided self-reflection. The project team includes Dr Richard Graham, a consultant psychiatrist specialising in child development and digital wellbeing.  Dr Graham helped design the initial questionnaire and subsequent iterations as the project progresses. 

Arden Interview Audio
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David Interview Audio
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To download the video transcripts click on the links below:

Programme of work




Insights from the project will be used by TikTok, PYL and Good Thinking to inform the services and support they offer young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.  They will also be made available open source so that youth services, NGOs, policy makers and private sector entities who are developing mental wellbeing services for young people can benefit.


TikTok's response #whatmattersmost


One of the findings of the report was that young people (14-24) believe they should be using lockdown to think about what's really important to them.  Whilst this comes easily to many, some don't know where to start.  This makes them feel anxious - as though they're failing.  In response to this finding, TikTok worked with Good Thinking to develop the hashtag challenge #whatmattersmost which offers our community a simple way to reflect on their priorities.



Creating opportunities


The Covid-19 has made it harder for young people to access opportunities to learn new skills.  All Digital Health Ambassadors will be invited to visit TikTok’s London HQ to share their learning, develop new digital skills and make recommendations to TikTok on how the platform can further enhance the wellbeing resources it offers its users.


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