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Demonstrating Impact


Demonstrating Impact broadly looks at how we address the issue equalities for young people within our work. It is the second phase of an ongoing programme funded by the City Bridge Trust (2015 to 2018 & 2018 to 2020). We will be delivering training courses, networking events and producing resources and reports that highlight emerging themes in our work, and identifying strategies for sharing learning and improving our practice. This work is primarily aimed at the Voluntary and Community Sector. 

Programme of work


Framework Addressing Racial Inequality is a resource being developed with Partnership for Young London and a range of organisations from the community, voluntary and statutory sector to address the issue of racial inequality. The Framework is underpinned by five pillars, Identity, Community, Health, Self-Agency and Celebrating Difference, and aimed primarily at youth workers. We hope to complete the first phase of this initiative by the end July 2019 so that it can be trialled by practitioners over the forthcoming months.



We are delivering practical sessions to support sustainability within the Community and Voluntary Sector, such as guiding colleagues to create a Theory of Change that reflects the outcomes they want to achieve within their work. Additionally, we are brokering relationships between organisations by offering the chance for Continued Professional Development, this is being done by organising Job Shadowing Opportunities. There is a particular commitment to reach colleagues from grassroots organisations who do not generally have the resources to pay for such opportunities from existing budgets.



Networking events

This work involves delivering events on key thematic issues such as Race, Gender and Representation. We are working closely with professionals from other sectors such as Education the Arts and Culture to explore more engaging ways to learn about the experiences of young people and how we can better support them.



We are working in partnership academic institutions such as London Metropolitan University to contribute to the learning of the next generation of Youth and Community Workers by delivering lectures on ground-breaking academic ideas such the Intersectionality Framework, conceptualised by Professor Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw.



We have produced a range of briefing sheets and resources on emerging themes within our practice such as Creating Safe Spaces in Work with Young Men, Exploring  Representation, Race and Heritage through arts-based practices with Young Women, the Intersectional Framework and how it can inform our work and examining Our Values to understand how they influence our work.



We have produced blogs on local and international projects. PartHerways was an Erasmus Project involving 7 countries that shared learning how engaging young women in the political process and 25% of the Population, 100% of the Future looked at engaging young people in Civic Activism

Resource and research

Resource for Youth Workers Addressing Racial Equality

Partnership for Young London is developing a resource for youth workers that addresses the issue of racial equality. As part of this work we want to run focus groups across London. Below is the criteria for a session. Can you help us to organise a focus group?

  • We want to work with young people who are Black African, African Caribbean or Dual Heritage

  • We have two different age ranges for this work.  We want to work with young people aged 11 years to 16 years

  • OR young people aged 16 years to 25 years.

  • The length of time for each session is 1.5 to two hours

  • We will be exploring the theme of identity in the session

  • We can supply refreshments and out of pocket expenses for travel.

  • We would deliver the session but also need a member of staff to be present with us for the duration.

  • We would need to do a monitoring form and to record the voices of the young people present/take photographs in line with GDPR procedures.

  • We would like to run the session between September and December

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Sandra Vacciana 

Improving Practice Lead