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Youth Leadership

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Are you interested in developing your leadership and influencing skills? Are you passionate about working with and for other young people from different communities and backgrounds? Our objective is to have young people at the core of the work that we do, setting the agenda. 


​This page has information about ways you can get involved with the work that we do and or influencing youth policy.

Youth Board members are aged between 16 – 24, with a range of experiences and backgrounds and have strong interest in leadership roles, campaigning and the charity sector.


There are various ways you can get involved

·         Youth Researchers – supported to undertake participative research projects.

·         Youth Advisory Board Members – paid positions for a year to help shape the work of PYL and review our achievements

·         Steering Group – to help shape the work and provide advice and guidance

·         Paid Internships – for specific pieces of work, gaining work experiences and taking a key role in developing programmes of work.

·         Social Network – this is a group with various young people where opportunities will be shared, feedback sought, ideas developed, and events communicated.

·         Shadowing – young people can shadow key members of staff at PYL to gain work experiences

·         Work Experience – there will be regular opportunities for work experiences at PYL learning skills such as: research, social media, events planning, communications among others

·         One-off Opportunities – via training, campaigning, regional events and others


Young London Researchers

Young London Researchers look at peer research and participatory research. 

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Youth Leaders

Official advice and guidance.

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Pan London CICC

Pan London CICC is a group of care experienced young people who sit on CICC boards in their local boroughs

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Digital Health Ambassadors

Digital Health Ambassadors is a group of young people who look at the NHS Go App, and how young people use it. 


Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership
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Entrepreneurship Insight Event - Partnership for Young London

Entrepreneurship Insight Event - Partnership for Young London

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Overcoming Crisis with an Entrepreneur's Mindset

Overcoming Crisis with an Entrepreneur's Mindset

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Debate training - Witness questioning

Debate training - Witness questioning

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