London Young Researchers


London Young Researchers is a three-year project, funded by Trust for London, that looks to build the skills and capacity in organisations for young people to conduct peer-led research, and take forward youth-led campaigning and influencing activities. We aim to:

  • Create an evidence base for peer research 

  • Support youth sector organisations to conduct peer research 

  • Explore the impact of economic inequality through lived experience 

  • Explore issues of inequality 

  • Support young people to campaign 

Programme of work

Peer Research Monthly Update

We will be sending out a monthly update of peer research news, research, and opportunities. 


This work seeks to build the skills and capacity of groups to develop peer-led research within their organisations to both improve services design, development and implementation and also influence policy and decision making.

There is a growing need for research from the lived experience of young people, as the real needs of young people are increasingly obscured. Despite youth unemployment being at an 18-year low, research has shown this generation face more debt, less social mobility, and are more pessimistic about their futures in generations. Issues like underemployment are not being adequately reflected in economics figures and its impact on young people is not being adequately accessed.

Click here to download a brief about the programme. 

What will we be doing?


Part 1: What is peer research? How can it be used?

We will be producing a guide for youth peer research needs be created, detailing how it can be used to strengthen youth voice, improve services, and empower young people. It will collate existing examples from organisations in and out of London of where peer research has been used effectively to improve practice and delivery. This will underpin our research over the programme and help disseminate good practice to outside organisations.​


Part 2: Economic inequality, peer research, and lived experience

We will train a group of 10 young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to conduct peer research into the attitudes and lived experiences of young Londoners on economic inequality. We want young researchers to be active in formulating the research aims, deciding on the methodology, and conducting placed based research. This will be done by conducting research in partnership with a small group of youth organisations across London.​


Part 3: Supporting the youth sector to conduct peer research

We are offering up to 10 organisations a programme of support and training to conduct peer research with the young people they work with. Providing training, expertise, and coordination, we will work with them to produce a piece of peer led research that helps identify how economic inequality is impacting on their users, and what changes they can be implementing to mitigate these.

Resource and research

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Upcoming Peer Research Events

  • Peer Research Network
    Committee Room 2, Guildhall West Wing
    Sep 24, 2019, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Committee Room 2, Guildhall West Wing, Guildhall, Basinghall Street, London EC2V 7HH, UK
    This second Peer Research network will bring people together to share working, and provide updates on good practice in the sector. Refreshments will be provided on arrival.

Contact Us

Matthew Walsham


Policy Lead


Telephone: 020 7332 3599

Location: Partnership for Young London, City of London, Guildhall, London EC2V 7HH


Postal: Partnership for Young London, City of London, PO Box 270, Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ

Charity registration number: 1062226

Company Limited by Guarantee: 3334117 

Due to the current pandemic with COVID 19, for a period we will not be charging membership for the weekly update and will therefore be sending it to our monthly update list.


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