Partnership for Young London, in collaboration with Children England and the Race Equality Foundation, are delighted to be working with London Councils to support the children, young people and families voluntary and community sector across the region.


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Resource Hub

 Young People Count: Young person’s data 

This report contains a guide to all the key figures, facts and data around the problems that young people face in the United Kingdom.

It covers the topics of: General Population, Health, Employment, Housing, Crime, Education, Participation, Poverty and Equalities. 

Drawn from official figures, such as the Office of National Statistics, and independent research by community and voluntary organisations, the report tries to provides an up to date guide on data sources for young people.

Please click here for Young People Count 2016

Please click here for Young People Count 2015

Please click here for the London Info graphic sheet 2015


Appetite for Investment? 

This report provides a fascinating insight into the attitudes and experiences of the voluntary and community sector in dealing with social investment. Based on a survey undertaken between December 2014 and January 2015 which was distributed to around 1500 voluntary and community sector organisations registered with Engage London. Download the report here

Our other past publications include:  Centre Gauge – An Assessment of Voluntary and Community Sector Runs Children’s Centres in London and Future Models for Youth – 18 Months On.


For briefing sheets on equalities please go the website for the Race Equality Foundation and download resources on a variety of key issues including; gender and ethnicity in volunteering, children in a caring role, violence prevention and maternity among others.  For further details please click here.

For details of the Pubic Sector Equalities Duties and what it means for children and young people please click here 


Other Resources 

School Daze – A resource to help the voluntary and community sector engage more effectively with schools. This contains school’s policy information, planning tools and tips on how to link your services with the Ofsted criteria for schools.

Leadership – This resource offers some thought provoking leadership theories and tools to support voluntary and community sector leaders in delivering services for children, young people and families.

Business Planning –  A resource which provides a range of business planning ideas and tools for the children, young people and families voluntary and community sector.

Safeguarding for Trustees – Everyone’s Business is a guide for trustees in the children, young people and families voluntary sector on their safeguarding responsibilities.

A Guide to Social Investment – This guide by Big Society Capital gives an overview of the social investment options available to the voluntary and community sector.


Event in Focus:

‘Safeguarding Adolescents: What works for young people?’ 

The event provided a range of interesting presentations from diverse organisations showcasing their practice, supported by roundtable discussions, sharing practice and highlighting areas for future developing.

Those who attended were from a range of organisations; from local authorities, community development trusts, support programmes and local charities. There were also presentations from: 

Organisations had the chance in groups to discuss what was working well in their organisations, sharing examples of good practice and identifying key areas for discussion and development across the region.

Many issues were raised around best practice, such as how to deal and change the attitudes of parents, especially those with a strict faith? Or how to prevent abuses of social media, or empower carers, or parents to do it?
One prevalent issue was raised in a question:
“There are disjointed services, how can we join them together?”

Among the responses, many agreed that it was the role of local infrastructure to bring them together, but all five tables also raised the issue of not enough partnership and collaboration between the charities.
A significant proportion of our feedback forms thought the event could be improved by ‘More time to network’, or ‘More opportunities to Network.’ 

While one form wrote about how useful it was:

‘Hearing from a range of organisations – but also the space/time to have useful discussions & debates in smaller groups’

With the feedback received, and the issues raised, we will incorporate this into our next event session – which we hope you can join us for.


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