March 2020

  • Young People’s Economic Inequality round table with Resolution Foundation, Joseph Rowntree, Trust for London, CPAG and others

  • Intersectionality event at Paul Hamlyn on International Women’s Day

  • National Community Lotteries start up session in York on young people’s identities with Youth Focus NE and NW and University of Huddersfield

  • Youth work Bursaries national meeting

  • COVID-19 changes to delivery – resources page established and training all moved online

September 2020


July 2020

  • Young Londoners Fund – trauma training sessions with over 100 practitioners

  • Young Londoners Fund – online safeguarding training

  • Launch of the open access review with Kings College London and Centre for Youth Impact

  • Detached youth work training programme for 80 groups

  • Two local research pilots funded by the Cornerstone Fund agreed with Lewisham Young Mayors group and Royal Association for the Deaf 

  • Children in Care participation workers meeting reviewing feedback from over 400 care experienced young people on the impact of the suspension of the under 18s travel card

January 2020

  • Announced Youth Work Bursary scheme

  • The first Trauma informed practice training was held.

  • A meeting took place to gather key evidence and recommendations for a youth manifesto which was sent to Sadiq Khan’s manifesto team.

May 2020

  • TikTok, Healthy London Partnership and Good Thinking listening programme first stage report launch ‘Checking in: Voices of Young People During Lockdown’

  • Survey on identity and place launched for Museum of London, which gathered feedback from over 3000 young people

  • Women’s Leadership Series: no.1 Leadership and Uncertainty

  • Trauma Informed Practice Series – 4 sessions facilitated on developing a trauma informed approach to over 100 groups

  • African Diaspora Women’s Network

  • Undertaking local research with, and, for young people, hosted with Young People’s Foundations, Harrow, Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham

  • Entrepreneurship event with 40 young people

  • Children in Care participation workers meeting on sharing practice and moving services online

December 2019

  • The first Young Londoner’s Fund Safer London Contextual Safeguarding training was held

  • DILEMMA 04 X #TruthAboutYouth - The Saviour Complex was joint panel event with former youth board member David Adesanya.

  • Final London Policy Network of the year on right based campaign by Youth Access.

February 2020

  • Setting the research agenda session facilitated with Centre for Youth Impact and London Youth

  • London Policy Network with DCMS update on youth policy and funding

  • National Youth Advisory Board

  • Youth Work Bursary recruitment completed and courses underway

  • Youth Advisory Board meeting on Mayoral manifestos

  • Roundtable with the NHS on access to work for care leavers

  • Changing the Narrative event in Brent with the Young People’s Foundations

  • Children in Care Council meeting at EY Foundation with NHS England, EY and National Community Lotteries

April 2020

  • Launch of the young people’s engagement process with Tik Tok with Healthy London Partnership

  • Participation workers meeting for the pan London Children in Care Council

  • Working group on African Diaspora resources

  • Seminar on an Introduction to Youth-Led Peer Research

  • Seminar on evaluation methodology for youth-led research

  • Vulnerable groups data capture with the GLA

  • Set up of the Museum of London Survey on young people’s views on place and space

  • Intersectionality session with Young Brent Foundation and others

  • Theory of change one to one sessions

  • Training and one to one support on youth-led research      

June 2020

  • Women’s Leadership Series -  no.2 Leadership and Storytelling

  • Young people and identities seminar launch the cross-regional programme with Youth Focus North East and North West and the University of Huddersfield

  • Regional seminars on detached youth work guidance with Young Brent Foundation and the Federation for Detached Youth Work 

  • TikTok seminar on the role of online platforms in youth work with 80 youth sector leads

  • Peer Research practitioners roundtable

  • 'Involving Young Londoners' launch of peer research report

  • African Diaspora Women’s Network

  • TikTok Youth Board presentation to the Mental Health Transformation Board for London

  • Children in Care participation workers meeting focused on digital poverty and access to free transport

August 2020

  • Free transport means everything to me’ a review with 2000 young people on the impact of the suspension of the travel card

  • Pan London Youth Recovery Group meeting with London Youth to look at regional joint working

  • TikTok youth leads presented their work at Healthy London Partnership leadership programme to over 200 leads across local authorities and mental health services

  • Young people’s survey on Digital Poverty undertaken with Yorks & Humber, North East and North West with care experienced young people

  • Data on the impact of the suspension of the travel card on care experienced young people shared across London

  • Publication of the review of open access youth services

  • Everyone took time off

  • Zoe had her baby!

October 2020

November 2020

  • ‘Communities of Practice’ - Trauma informed practice seminar with Dr David Shemmings and Safer London

  • ‘Researching young people’s political identities’ practitioners seminar session

  • ‘Sense of Self’ - Emotional health and well-being session for women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities

  • ‘Changing face of London’ data dive with Superhighways exploring how youth groups can use data more effectively

  • Young Londoners Fund – safeguarding for managers

December 2020

  • Youth Sector Data and Insight launch with Centre for Youth Impact and London Youth

  • ‘Unapologetically Black’ – workshops with young people facilitated with Children in Care Councils

  • ‘We are the Youth of Today’ report launched with the Museum of London collating the views of over 3000 young Londoners  

  • ‘Young people’s identity’ research gathering 400 young people’s views with Youth Focus North East and Youth Focus North West

  • Young Inspectors Training facilitated out to Participation Workers across London

  • Youth-led research network session hosted focusing on skills and accreditation for young researchers

  • 2 new members of staff recruited Chelsea McDonagh who will work on the ‘Unapologetically Me’ and Reece Lukeman who will support us with the Pan London Children in Care Council.   

Impact Data

400 organisations registered for the policy network and over 180 people attended sessions in the last year

Policy Network Meetings

48 Weekly Updates to 500+ groups

12 Monthly Updates to over 600 organisations

Number of Weekly Updates

"This is just the sort of thing I wanted to get involved in, the girls are walking around like they own the place!"


Public Speaking.jpg

Case Study – Partnerships with Universities


What we have done this year includes:


  • Facilitated events and hosted lectures for students at the London Metropolitan University on equalities and intersectionality

  • Co-produced resources with the University of Huddersfield on the evidence and literature around Votes at 16

  • Established links with Imperial College on the evidence across Europe on Children and Young People’s frameworks

  • Contributed to the development board at George Williams YMCA College

  • Facilitated the paid internships scheme with Essex University

  • Developed links with LSE research department around policy and gender studies

  • Set up a youth research network with London Youth and the Centre for Youth Impact with Universities and front line groups

Notes 1.jpg
  • Sheila McKechnie Foundation

  • The Media Trust

  • BBC Social Media team

  • Pan London Children in Care Council

  • The Money House

  • 12 London boroughs took part in the Children in Care Council Research

  • Schools x 4

  • Cultural Institutions including:

  • London Metropolitan Archives

  • Museum of London

  • Victoria and Albert Museum

  • Autograph Gallery

  • Stratford Circus  

  • 7 Universities including, University of Huddersfield, LSE, Wimbledon College of Art, Goldsmith University

  • London Metropolitan University


"How to put differently project aims to build funding applications. Where to go for support tools to evaluate the project outcomes."

"OveralI I feel extremely happy about being involved in the project because it gave me the courage to fight for my rights as a Black person and to know that it isn’t just me challenging stereotypes but others that care about these issues as much as I do. It was really good to be involved with the project because it shows me that I have the power to change things which I think are not right, and fight…"

Throughout the discussion-based workshop I began to gain a connection and passion for my hair that I’d never had before because I was able to learn about Black culture from before slavery and how things were before we were forced into a westernised image and stripped of our identity. I now live with a proud outlook on the heritage of my roots and have made a decision to continue growing my hair, styling my hair and telling people about the roots of my hair and where the first styles all began many years ago.

I will use it in my daily project work I have to create a Theory of Change one of new projects next week so I will definitely put my learning into practice

Event Data

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