2020 Mayoral Hustings


Partnership for Young London is recruiting ten to twenty young people

aged ­­­­between 15-24 to get involved in running and organising the 2020 London Region Mayoral Election Hustings.


This project is being funded by Trust for London


This project is being run by Partnership for Young London. The aim is to organise youth-led research and an event for the mayoral candidates of the upcoming 2020 London Mayoral Election to address young Londoners with their vision for young people. This event will be run by young people and aims to gather young people across London with varied experiences and opinions to come together and create political momentum. 

Programme of Work


Approach - Young people will lead the work in a variety of ways and have the following opportunities and skills development:

  • As peer researchers, gathering and collating stories to illustrate the ways that young people are contributing to the city and combatting stereotypes and barriers which many young people face.

  • Peer to peer outreach work, researching skills, presenting, team work, leadership, marketing, social media and communications, editing content and writing a communications campaign.

  • As event managers, taking a lead in coordinating or contributing to the social media campaign launch events with adults who benefit from increasing their understanding of the issues being discussed;

  • As communication leads, becoming involved in disseminating information and the further development of the project, as well as setting up social media platforms profiling the work.



Skills Development - Young people will be supported to develop a range of skills from this work and we will bring in specialist trainers to work with them on the following:

  • Using social media to engage an audience i.e. vlogging and blogging,

  • Developing youth led campaigns

  • Peer research i.e. Running focus groups, designing research

  • Event planning and management

Upcoming Events

  • Manifesto for Young Londoners: Political engagement and votes at 16
    Room 7,
  • Manifesto for Young Londoners: Housing and homelessness
    Room 12
  • Manifesto for Young Londoners: Transitions to work
    Room 8
  • Young Londoner's Fund - Systemic Youth Violence Interventions & Meet the Gangs team
    Conference Room CVA Resource Centre
  • Manifesto for Young Londoners: Mental health
    Room 11
  • Manifesto for Young Londoners: Youth services
    Room 12
  • Manifesto for Young Londoners Morning Roundtable
    Room 1 and 2

Contact Us


Telephone: 020 7332 3599

Location: Partnership for Young London, City of London, Guildhall, London EC2V 7HH


Postal: Partnership for Young London, City of London, PO Box 270, Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ

Charity registration number: 1062226

Company Limited by Guarantee: 3334117 

Due to the current pandemic with COVID 19, for a period we will not be charging membership for the weekly update and will therefore be sending it to our monthly update list.


You can use the form below to sign up or you can also sign up using this link http://eepurl.com/dCWcV9. Do feel free to distribute this link throughout your networks.