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Our Approach

Our Values


Collaborative - We know that change happens when we work together, and we take a systemic approach across our work.


Equity - We believe that tackling inequalities is core to everything we do.


Youth-led - We believe that young people’s voices and needs are a key part of our decision-making processes.


Our Offer

Recent reports include:

  • We are the Youth of Today;

  • Checking in Voices of young people during lockdown 

  • The Digital Divide

checking in 3.png

1500 people have attended our training and support programmes since April 2020.

We are offering free training for the youth sector on a range of themes i.e. safeguarding, trauma informed practice, contextual safeguarding, mental health and emotional wellbeing


We have 3500 people registered now for our Weekly Update.  

Each week they receive the latest: News, Funding, Publications and Resources and Opportunities. The Youth Network newsletter  goes out to members of our youth network and is also free to sign up to.



We have a range of thematic and specialist networks on youth-led research, policy, equity and inclusion, care experienced young people among others

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