I pray the maturity of time doesn’t suck us into a maze of letters and number to re-align

Statistics with no pulse, categorical acronyms with no soul – BAMER, NEET

A youth lead approach is our solution,

I see a future where youth panels are scrapped, our voice should be direct contribution to society,

If we’re the ones to inherit it,


My niece and nephews remind me of what it’s like to be young,

Childhood experience is like an echo chamber of mistakes where youthful smiles go to become,


The trauma of adulthood I feel the purpose of school to me was for school sake,


I was a lucky student but in my class we lost a few,

We want education that teaches the possibilities of what we can be; rather than what we should do,

I know future thinkers on my estate who wouldn’t connect with decision makers in a suit and tie,

Our current framework needs a diverse group of youth,

A true community perspective with intensive training,

To prepare us for executive positions the main thing,


I’ve been to 1000s of these meetings always felt like change was on the way upon leaving

But it was just more talking with no tangible outcome,

How come our voice isn’t valued we have a Masters in being young and courageous,

Life is our curriculum in each and all of its stages,


So what’s the plan for after?

No one person has the answer but everyone has the answer.



Are you treating young people as key stakeholders each day?

Are you championing their leadership?

Are you prepared to step down when time calls to let a fresh mind continue your legacy?


Reuben – Artist name: Benna – Spoken Word Artist & Social Entrepreneur

Twitter: @AbstractBenna