Place Making and Young People

Place-making that isn’t a bad approach,
I owe the think tanks a standing ovation such innovation could help my imagination catapult,
Passed social housing blues to show the box tickers, statistics too have a pulse,
 Is my estate a giant lab where professionals come into study and fix us?
My breast milk was chased with the hardship traumas of wind-rush,
I took my first footsteps in cuffs, raised around the stars of crime-watch,
My close minded peers all kept in touch, so if I scrap the residue of my soul,
And give you the last bit of this trust, I ask that you meet me half way,
 I don’t want to be conned to fill out forms,
I will remove the chip from my shoulder but why force me to confirm when I also bring culture,
I’m Leonardo Da Vinci with a spray can,
I turned my estate wall into a canvas but my hearts in a state coz,
If it’s not in a gallery its urban does art have a status?
Does theatre have a colour, do art centre in my community have a footfall preference,
Do I even belong?
Are they here in efforts to look cool,
Amongst the infrastructure assisting gentrification, adding colour to a dark estate,
Or am I also welcome?
 I got all this potential; without those expertise my options will harbour fate,
I am John Boyega with confidence nailed to rock bottom sitting on top of the acting skills god,
Moulded into my potential I feel lost, coz the creative industries are worth 84billion to the UK economy,
Still my family tells me to get a real job.
By Benna – Spoken Word Artist & Social Entrepreneur
Twitter/Insta: @abstractbenna
Performed at the ‘Making Culture Work’ event with Ovalhouse @ovalhouse and Making Culture Work @makeculture