By taking part in the ‘Know Your Roots’ Workshop it’s allowed me to gain an enhanced understanding of where certain hairstyles used to style Afro hair began.

Throughout the discussion based Workshop I began to gain a connection and passion for my hair that I’d never had before because I was able to learn about black culture from before slavery and how things were before we were forced into a westernised image and stripped of our identity.

I now live with a proud outlook on the heritage of my roots and have made a decision to continue growing my hair, styling my hair and telling people about the roots of my hair and where the first styles all began many years ago.

Connecting with the people who took part in the Workshop was really good as I was able to exchange stories and experiences based on our hair and seeing the different styles in people’s hair after we got it plaited by professional stylists was really refreshing to see, especially due to the fact that we were able to see all the different ways of why our hair beautiful.

Lastly learning about how natural Afro hair isn’t accepted in today’s society was an eye opener as being a male I’ve never experience something like that however the women of the group were able to to give examples of how they’d be asked to “tame” their hair when at work or attending s job interview and it’s opportunities and stories like that which help raise awareness and is one of the many reasons why I loved the Workshop.