The Trailblazer Welcome Workshop was held on the Tuesday 12 February 2019 at 108 Stamford Street, Lambeth, London SE1 9NH and ran from 8:30-12:30.

The event introduced trailblazing of a four week waiting plan, this meant that people identified with mental health issues in schools, colleges and in other education could get an appointment for treatment within 4 weeks. However, the current procedure is that people identified with mental health issues will get an appointment for treatment within 5 weeks, so the idea is to try reduce the waiting time by a week. The speakers for the event gave presentations on what the current scheme is and how they would try deliver the new one, as well as mention what challenges they would face. This is being tested across London Boroughs such as Bromley and other South West London Boroughs, this new project is to be funded by the NHS and if the trailblazer is successful will be run out into other boroughs. Consequently, as this trailblazer is a new idea the groundwork has not yet been laid down meaning people will be learning as they go, this could mean that it takes longer for results to start showing. However, the overall consensus was that there should be more mental health support in schools and education.

During the event, I put up signs, this was to help the delegates find where they needed to go and avoid them getting lost. Furthermore, I signed delegates in once they had arrived where they were given a name badge, which was organised through alphabetical order, as well as sit in on the presentations and give some input based of my experiences.

The venue chosen was very appropriate as there was enough space to hold all the delegates and had two projectors so that all the delegates could see the presentations. Furthermore, the teas, coffees and lunch provided was a success as there was plenty of food and drink for the delegates and all catering requirements were met such as vegan food and any food allergies were taking into consideration. As well as that, the time management of the event was tight but effective as the event did not overrun and all speakers had time to give their presentations. Additionally, agendas were put on every delegates table so that they knew the events for the day.

If this event ran again in future some possible changes could be to do a sound check at the beginning, this would help show if there were any technical difficulties and would prevent them from happening during the event.

The images shows one of the handouts given to delegates at the event, it shows the results of a survey conducted by OfCom in 2017. The image represents how different age ranges use media and the main purpose is to show the length of time that young people use media. This handout helps show the increase of young people that go online and the increase in of time that they use it, it also helps show that as young people get older more of them own a social media profile.

By Luke Pickles