Youth Engagement and Youth Leadership

Why are we doing this programme?

This programme will explore how we can engage young people in influencing policy more effectively. The work aims to create pathways through our various services, develop leadership and influencing skills for the young people who have been involved in our work, in a more focused way, creating a pathway for involvement.

We aim to work with groups of young people who are linked with our partners and the Children in Care Council work that we are developing with the City of London, the GLA and the Association of Directors of Children’s Services. The work will engage up to 35 young people across the various aspects of the delivery, in line with their needs and capacity. We are keen to ensure that addressing inequalities is a key focus across the work, we have good networks and connections with young parents, young people from BAME groups, young people leaving care, and we want to ensure that these groups are the target for our programmes.

For more information, please find the brief detailed here.

How does the programme work?


Over the course of a year we will provide three targeted skills development training, linked to youth leadership and influencing; youth voice and influence skills development, peer research training and facilitation of focus groups, and social media and vlogging training.

Youth Advisory Board

We have recruited young people, aged 16 – 24 with a range of experiences and backgrounds, to form the Partnership for Young London Youth Advisory Board. This is to ensure that young peoples’ voices shape and influence our work, including the regional priorities for the Vision for Young Londoners by assessing key issues for young people in the Capital and developing a set of recommendations for future development of the organisation.



Event Dates

Campaign Training with The Sheila McKechnie Foundation 25th August The S.M.F will provide training to support young people in understanding how to campaign, get their voice heard and help to shape the world. For more information please contact

YouTube Vlogging Training Workshop for 16-25yr olds powered by The Jack Petchey Foundation and Media Trust on Friday 26 October, 10am to 3.30pm, at Guildhall. The Vlogstar Challenge empowers young people with the skills they need to create video content on important social issues. Register or email to find out more.

Pathways for involvement  


  • Youth Researchers – this will be linked to key projects and young people will be trained up in participative research and supported to undertake research on projects.
  • Youth Advisory Board Members – paid positions for a year via application processes, this will require a CV and an application letter and be advertised out via the networks. This group will meet 4 times a year to help shape the work of PYL and review our achievements
  • Steering Group – some programmes will have steering groups and young people will be recruited onto these to help shape the work and provide advice and guidance
  • Paid Internships – for specific pieces of work, gaining work experiences and taking a key role in developing programmes of work. This requires a CV and application letter and positions will be advertised out via our networks.
  • Focus Groups – young people’s views and opinions will be gathered through focus groups and meetings to ensure that their ideas and experiences are fed into training, research, policy making and youth work force CPD.


  • WhatsApp Network – this is a what’s app group with various young people where opportunities will be shared, feedback sought, ideas developed, and events communicated out
  • Shadowing – young people can shadow key members of staff at PYL to gain work experiences
  • Work Experience – there will be regular opportunities for work experiences at PYL learning skills such as: research, social media, events planning, communications among others
  • One-off Opportunities via training, campaigning, regional events and others



  • Services reflect our commitment to youth voice and youth participation
  • All new services are informed by young people’s needs, engagement and influence to ensure that they are reflective of their needs and ambitions
  • Policy development is directly influenced by the experiences of young people

Contact Details

For more information and enquiries about the programme, please contact:
Naomi Emmanuel:  or Zoe Nation:

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