London Children In Care Council

The London CiCC is sponsored by ALDCS (Association for London Directors of Children’s Services) with the following key aims:
• To improve the care experience for looked-after children & young people and care leavers across London;
• To improve opportunities to identify common themes and issues across London;
• To enable opportunities to influence policy and services affecting looked after children & young people and care leavers in London;
• To improve young people’s skills and confidence through participation.

The Pan London Children in Care Council (CICC) 

The initial proposal identified key aims for the London CiCC:

The key aims agreed in the proposal are:

  • to improve the care experience across London;
  • to improve opportunities to identify common themes and issues in London;
  • to enable opportunities to influence relevant policy and services;
  • to improve skills and confidence through participation.

The initial three top priorities for the London CiCC were identified at the first meeting in October 2017.    We further identified the key elements at our February meeting and are now developing the social action project to take these forward.

Social Action Overview 

This programme is a partnership between Partnership for Young London and the City of London Corporation, who facilitate the London Children in Care Council (CiCC). This project is for care experienced young people living in London, aged 12-20. The project engages young people in a social action project to raise awareness of three key issues which young people at the London CiCC have prioritised and chosen to focus on:

1) Education – accessing support;

2) Accommodation – preparation for independent living;

3) Money/budgeting – managing and spending it wisely.


Young people can get involved and lead the work in a variety of ways:

  • As peer researchers, gathering and collating stories to illustrate both challenges and potential solutions for the key issues facing them;
  • As event managers, taking a lead in coordinating or contributing to forums/events with adults who benefit from increasing their understanding of the issues being discussed;
  • As communication leads, being involved in sharing information, raising awareness and in the further development of the project, as well as setting up social media platforms profiling the work.
Skills Development

Young people will be supported to develop a range of skills on the following:

  • Using social media to engage an audience i.e. vlogging and blogging
  • Developing youth led campaigns
  • Peer research i.e. running focus groups, designing research
  • Event planning and management
Education Support
  • Information and guidance re entitlements and what to expect e.g. how pupil premium is used, bursaries and other entitlements
  • Training for designated teachers (mandatory)  to include young people
  • Support with mental health issues e.g. peer mentoring
  • Secure accommodation
  • Training on tenancies and preparation for independent living (including budgeting)
  • Standards in relation to property
Money Management
  • Support with budgeting from age 14-16
  • Mandatory to complete a course before living independently
  • Ensure a mentor/support re budgeting wisely

We have elected a chair and deputy chairs and have developed a steering group which meets to support and plan our meetings and workplan.

Additional Information

Contact details

Zoe Nation (Partnership for Young London)

Sharon Long (Partnership for Young London)

Rose de Paeztron (CICC lead, City of London Corporation)

TASTER SESSION & SHAPING THE PROJECT Monday 9th April 2018, from 11-4pm – Refreshments and lunch will be provided Venue details TBC

This project is being supported by the GLA Thrive LDN and Team London grants via the youth social action fund #iWill campaign.