Partnership for Young London has recently been awarded 3-year funding from City Bridge Trust to support the voluntary, community and statutory sectors to evaluate their work.

Sandra Vacciana was appointed as the Regional Development Lead for ‘Demonstrating Impact’
at Partnership for Young London in July 2015. She is currently coordinating events,
leading training programmes and sharing resources that support organisations in the voluntary,
community and statutory sectors to develop their methods for evidencing the impact of their work.

Our Brief

The overarching aims of this initiative are to:

• Enable greater sustainability
• Share successful outcomes collectively
• Disseminate news on relevant developments in policy, funding and legislation.

We will offer a minimum of 12 training sessions over the next 12 months on a range of different themes including the following:

• Supporting organisations to create their own Theory of Change
• Supporting organisations who work with schools to meet schools’ targets
• Profiling resources from the Centre for Youth Impact to improve the evaluation of projects delivered to young people
• Offering targeted support to the arts in education sector

Further to this we will maintain strong relationships with funders and commissioners to align ‘Demonstrating Impact’ with their targets to achieve maximum effect.


The overarching objectives of the initiative are to:

Connect a targeted number of groups from the voluntary, community and sector working with children and young people across London to develop their skills and knowledge about using resources and tools to illustrate that their work is making a positive change in young people’s lives.

Develop best practice, through the provision of training, information and advice to small and medium scale organisations

Influence statutory sector leads, policy makers and funders by ensuring that they are engaged in this process; enabling them to implement the changes on the ground.

Partnership for Young London will also be linking with partners such as the Centre for Youth Impact, London Youth and Project Oracle to create a forum for best practice across the region

Featured Events 

Another Glass Ceiling – Are Young Women Missing Out on Training and Employment Opportunities?


In December, 2016 Partnership for Young London hosted a networking event that explored how service providers can increase access to training and employment opportunities for young women. Presentations were made by three speakers;

  •  Mark Gale of the Young Women’s Trust
  • Yvonne Field CEO of Ubele
  • Samantha Rennie CEO of Rosa

Samantha set the issue in context by reminding us that challenging the inequalities that young women face in training and employment requires examining their status across every strata of society because gender inequalities are structural and systemic. She shared a range of findings that reflected inequalities in different aspects of women’s lives in terms, for example, of leadership roles, emotional well-being and incidents of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) then went on to focus on the matter of employment.

She quoted that ‘women make up 50% of entry level posts, 17% of corporate boards, 15% of executive committees and 5% of CEOs’. (Samantha Rennie, Rosa Girls and Women’s Fund, 2016).

This message was reinforced by the following two speakers, Mark Gale and Yvonne Field who explained that as factors such as class, age and race intersect, they compound discrimination and often further reduce life chances for younger and older women. Yvonne drew on research from the Equality and Human Rights Commission stating ‘Black workers with degrees earn 23.1% less on average than White workers with degrees’, ‘the number of 16-24 year olds from ethnic minorities in long term unemployment has risen by 49% since 2010. During the same time (2010 to 2015) unemployment fell among young white people’. (Healing a Divided Britain, Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2016).

For a summary of the event and references to other information, please look at the resources section on this page.


Best Practice in Working with Girls and Young Women

This event was facilitated by Partnership for Young London in May 2016 it looked at the emerging themes in work with girls and young women across London and how this knowledge can inform policy and practice in this field. There were representatives from 16 different agencies/organisations present on the day including speakers from, Girl guiding, Aspire Creativity, Caxton Youth Organisation and Partnership for Young London.


Briefing Sheet – Another Glass Ceiling – are Young Women Missing out on Training and Employment Opportunities click here

Briefing Sheet – Emerging Themes in Work with Girls and Young Women click here

For resources for measuring impact go to Centre for Youth Impact


Future Events

Up and coming Events

Partnership for Young London is working in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector across several London boroughs to provide free training on the Theory of Change. These sessions are a day long and free to attend. Please see below for further details.

Theory of Change in Hackney 18th May 2017

For further information and to book a place please contact

New Networking Event 4th May at Guildhall – Emerging Practice in Work with Boys and Young Men

On 4th May Partnership for Young London will be delivering a half day, free networking event. The forum will provide an opportunity to explore our policy and practice regarding work with boys and young men. Attendees will have a chance to share aspects of their own work as well as gain knowledge from others. We hope to be able to identify gaps in our service as well as examining examples of good practice. Speakers will include Leslie Mitchell from Working With Men and Chris Murray, Youth Programmes & Projects Manager, Children & Young People’s Service, London Borough of Hackney. This is a free event, to book a place please click on the above link.


For general enquiries about Demonstrating Impact, please get in touch with Sandra Vacciana at  or on 020 7833 3319


Our partner

Partnership for Young London acknowledges the generous support of City Bridge Trust.