25% of the London, 100% its future is led by young people, and takes an asset based approach to young people’s futures, and solutions to some of the challenges that young Londoners face. Information is gathered through a series of surveys designed and delivered by young people, which informs and contributes to round tables with key regional policy makers.

The report provides a snapshot of young people (who represent 24.9% of the population of London) experiencing a wide range of services in a sample of London boroughs. This shorter ‘think piece’ is being published as a contribution to the much wider debate that is starting to emerge across all sectors working with children & young people about how we can – collectively and thoughtfully – develop and crucially deliver a positive future vision for young Londoners.

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Video pledges

The young people in our 25% youth board created these videos to share with their views with decision makers. We asked them what the main challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions are for young people living in London today.

Selfie pledges

Young people have been sending us their selfies, with what they love about London written on.

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