The session I attended looking at new models of services for young people was really helpful, its current and what’s on everybody’s minds at the moment. It increased our knowledge of new ways of working and ideas for chasing people up in the future – so therefore helps to increase what we do and improve our services. Good networks and partnerships through this work and a coherent voice on fighting for young people’s services.

Jude Simmons

Youth Service Manager, London Borough of Merton

Our membership of Partnership for Young London is vital in connecting us with the rich ecology of young Londoners. We benefit enormously from the gatherings, training support and network of knowledge Partnership for Young London provides as it enables us to improve our work and support more young people in the capital.

Philip Flood

Director, Sound Connections

Partnership for Young London believes in a future where every young person’s right to wellbeing is recognised and fulfilled. With young people making up a quarter of London’s population, we have to respect that they are crucial to its future.

Partnership for Young London is uniquely placed in the region to connect, develop and influence the policy and delivery of services for young people and acts as a unified voice for London.

We provide market intelligence across the various key stakeholders, sharing intelligence, information and data about services for young people, both in terms of the current situation and how they can be improved.

By supporting us, you allow us to provide quarterly high profile network meetings and other specific thematic meetings linked to demand in line with emerging issues at a local, regional and national level. Also partnership and collaborative working opportunities with a range of statutory and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations as well as links with central and regional government on a regular basis.

We operate as a membership organisation and our grateful to our members for their continued support, and welcome their input across all aspects of our work.

Feedback from members has highlighted that the services valued the most include;

  • Policy News
  • Thematic Seminars and Events
  • Training sessions
  • London Policy Network Meetings
  • Links with key policy leads from national and regional government

Speakers who have attended the policy network and regional seminars over the last year have included: Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Big Lottery, City Bridge Trust, Royal Association for the Deaf, Tell Mama, Forward UK, Girl Guiding, London Councils, Wandsworth Youth Service, Young Womens Trust among others.

We ask that all new prospective members complete this application form and send into to

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Training participants rated it as good or excellent

Organisations have accessed training, seminars and networking events over the last three years

Total level of funding opportunities disseminated in the weekly bulletin

Organisations across various sectors that have taken part in the last policy network meeting

  • 48 bulletins on a weekly basis profiling the latest policy, research, campaigns, practice and funding opportunities for services working with young people.
  • Access to Partnership for Young London’s policy network, bringing together key stakeholders working with young people across London with national and regional policy leads.
  • Opportunity to profile work to over 3000 organisations across the region.
  • Access to over 30 free workforce development opportunities, including training and best practice networks on measuring impact, collective impact, leadership, safeguarding, youth employability among others.
  • Opportunity to disseminate the learning from your work across London.
  • Involvement in the Vision for Young Londoners policy platform for London alongside of 100 other organisations.
  • Engagement in research programmes aiming to drive up best practice in working with young people i.e. the Role of Youth Work Approaches in Early Help, Safeguarding In the Voluntary Sector, Commissioning for Youth among others.

Small voluntary sector


    Medium to large voluntary sector


      Local authority


        Please contact or telephone 020 7332 3599 for further information. All membership rates are subject to VAT.The membership year runs from 1st April to the following 31st March. Membership is open throughout the year and rates can be pro rata.

        Membership Case Study 

        Christopher Murray, Strategic Commissioner, at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

        Job: Strategic lead for the Borough’s Youth Review and future youth service model.

        Length of membership: since 2013 (Previously LB Hackney)

        What have you found beneficial in your organisation being a member of PYL?

        London Policy Network

        PYL hold a strategic line between the voluntary sector and statutory stakeholders. PYL are able to bring the sector together to establish a clear dialogue and a shared purpose for the betterment of young people.  At times this enables the discussions and  thoughtful dialogue to be shaped appropriately – providing not only a check and challenge but at times a good shake by reminding the room of the true value of youth and community work.  I’ve always found that to be the most useful element of PYL.

        What’s also been great about being a member; is that I’ve always had the opportunity to meet with different colleagues from across the sector and local authorities. This enable a stimulated discussions linked to local demographical challenges as well as sharing best practice.

        Future (what you’d like to see)

        Policy and practice

        Policy And Practice –  are sometimes viewed as opposite ends of the spectrum, but form the bedrock of youth development: For example, if you a clear policy to support the development of young people, we should be able to demonstrate that through practice and delivery, but sometimes they’re not seen as the same continuum.

        So for example, if there is a national policy that’s promoted and driven by Central Government, it may not always translate into practice on the ground for young people. I think there’s a space for PYL to consider the impact and measures we use to drive policy towards outcomes and improve youth work practice.


        Membership Case Study

        Dan Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Young Harrow Foundation

        Job: Oversight of all operational objectives, co-develop strategic objectives with the trustees and manage all day to day running of the charity.

        Length of membership: 2 years

        What have you found beneficial in your organisation being a member of PYL?

        Where PYL has helped us is that it puts its members in the same room with key players and we have an equal say on important issues. This means that at the beginning of a lot of processes it gives us an opportunity to have a say in those things which normally, no one is gonna go out to Harrow and ask.

        Sharon specifically is a great person to bounce big ideas off because she’s been involved in a lot of different projects. At the moment Young Harrow Foundation are trying to change how you solve significant social problems, so we’d bounce ideas off Sharon because she’s done work like this but we’re also gonna try and own it ourselves. With Sharon and PYL, they’ve helped by putting us in the right direction.


        The venue for Vision for Young Londoners was a great representation of the pull that PYL has. There were key players large and small that really represented the sector. It’s looking at how can PYL use that pull in different areas to put insight into the new areas that we’re venturing into.


        Carol Jackson, Senior Head, Public Sector at The Prince’s Trust

        Carol’s Job: Focus on building and extending partnerships with external partners particularly public sector and voluntary sector organisations and securing funding.

        Length of membership – since PYL inception 2005/06

        Under our key themes, what have you found beneficial in your organisation being a member of PYL?

         Connect  –  Weekly update

        Really helpful contents- many contacts in the Trust receive this bulletin. The information allows us to keep abreast and find out what’s going on from funding to workforce development opportunities. Events, meetings, training have been accessed as a result as well as finding out about funding opportunities. It’s good that it is weekly as it helps follow up quickly and provides a good connection with other organisations.

        Develop  – London Policy Network

        The meetings are great for contacts with a range of different organisations and sectors. With a good range of topics at each meeting for example cuts to youth provision by a London Assembly member, FGM, Tell Mama – all of them provided really good insight.

        Influence – Vision for young Londoners

        Powerful representative focus from such a wide group gives it a strong position as a voice of so many organisations. It is collaborative and coherent and great to see so many people want to see the same things for young people in London.


        Continue to have a variety of themes and relevant subjects, and provide opportunities for workforce development. It would be good to have feedback on the outcomes from speakers at events for example when they do consultations. The Prince’s Trust already offers mental health first aid training to its staff and we are keen with partners to extend our mental health support offer to young people. Increasingly, we need to find ways to collaborate more and maximise what we can all achieve together with less. We will need to continue to find ways to think creatively taking advantage of the partnership to best support young Londoners. Cross cutting themes with multiple agencies, and the opportunity to think on a broader level would be helpful. Could we do more work together to support young people to access apprenticeships in the City? Maybe we could include a future speaker on the CCG’s Sustainability and Transformation Plans?(STPs)