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Shamim Miah – Work Experience at Partnership for Young London

Walking into the Guildhall on a Monday morning, where there were so many people in business attire and suits, made it feel all so daunting. But walking into the office for PYL for the first time all seemed such a new world for me, whilst thinking “finally I've entered...


Introduction In March I flew to Portugal with Laurie Fitzgerald of Ubele and Rasha Fara of FORWARD to attend PatHERways, an international seminar, funded by Erasmus +.  This initiative intends to forge routes that lead more young women to greater civic activism. I was...

25% Youth Board member Daniel talks about his insights

Through the of focus groups, the 25% project was an excellent opportunity to engage with a key subsection of civil society, young people. What was particularly heartening was their acute awareness of the state of society. More specifically, their insight into the...

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30th June 2017 London Policy Network presentations and resources:

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Partnership for Young London’s members’ weekly policy update goes out weekly on a Friday, providing an overview of the week’s policy news for London’s youth sector. The weekly update is a members only resource,  but we also have a monthly updated which is free for anybody to sign up to. Please email to sign up for our monthly.

Both the weekly and the monthly summarise:

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  • Opportunities for practitioners
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