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25% of the Population, 100% the Future

Sandra Vacciana, Partnership for Young London 25% was a joint youth consultation initiative led by Partnership for Young London (PYL), the British Youth Council and London Youth, in collaboration  with a range of partners including housing associations, local...

What’s Vision With No Hindsight?

  I pray the maturity of time doesn’t suck us into a maze of letters and number to re-align Statistics with no pulse, categorical acronyms with no soul – BAMER, NEET A youth lead approach is our solution, I see a future where youth panels are scrapped, our voice...

Place Making and Young People

Place Making and Young People Place-making that isn’t a bad approach, I owe the think tanks a standing ovation such innovation could help my imagination catapult, Passed social housing blues to show the box tickers, statistics too have a pulse,  Is my estate a giant...

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19th May 2017 London Policy Network presentations and resources:

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Partnership for Young London’s members’ weekly policy update goes out weekly on a Friday, providing an overview of the week’s policy news for London’s youth sector. The weekly update is a members only resource,  but we also have a monthly updated which is free for anybody to sign up to. Please email to sign up for our monthly.

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