Walking into the Guildhall on a Monday morning, where there were so many people in business attire and suits, made it feel all so daunting. But walking into the office for PYL for the first time all seemed such a new world for me, whilst thinking “finally I’ve entered the world of work”. Yet I was really glad that everyone was so lovely and welcoming and made the experience ever more enjoyable.

Though my experience was only short-lived, I could really fit right into the work load and the environment. I learned about salesforce, an online database which PYL uses to store information about clients, partners, other charities, trusts and funds. It was a great learning experience as it tied into my studies in A-level computer science. I also think I came in at such a crucial moment, as PYL themselves were researching about post-16 options and apprenticeships, I myself am going to do an apprenticeship, so I learnt everything I could from their research.

I went to an external meeting with the National Literacy Trust, which gave me a real extensive look into the world of work; looking at data on young people, employment, and the success rate of policies on young people. This related to my studies in statistics, psychology and sociology.

Overall, this experience made me appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into PYL. It’s not just an ordinary office job but there are so many skills needed like being very social, event planning, organisational and communication, which is so key in this line of work.

I really hope I could come back and work here again and maybe for longer.