Today’s publication of Bright Futures: Our Vision for Youth Services by the Local Government Association today is a really positive long-term vision for youth services and provision.

The principles it sets out today, such as being youth-led, are a great step towards a more asset-based approach towards youth service provision. Furthermore, it recognises the need for local leaders, who know their communities, in place-shaping roles to work with young people and partners.

Two weeks ago Joseph Rowntree Foundation found many facing in-work poverty, unaffordable housing, a cost of living crisis, and rising personal debt. Given central government’s recent decision to ditch their plans to release a youth policy statement, local authorities and the sector must come together to put young people to be placed back onto the agenda, at a time where they face the worst outcomes in generations. The time has come for a systemic rethinking of how we, locally, regionally, and nationally, work holistically and collaboratively to ensure young people thrive.

Councils are in a position to systematically bring service provision and support together, across all levels, to work collaboratively to support young people reach their full potential. For us this builds on the work underway via the Vision for Young Londoners which is a cross-sector regional platform aiming to raise the profile of the need to invest in young people and the role of collaboration to drive up outcomes for young people.